The vibrant splash of colour on drab canvas,
The subtle hint of gold,
The gentle, rustling movement through still air,
Look! There goes a butterfly.

A spring meadow or a summer garden,
Here we see butterflies.
The single, neglected rose drooping in the backyard,
Here is a butterfly.
When the autumn harvest brings warmth to a close,
Here be butterflies.

A visual treat would be a just existence,
For butterflies it is but just a start,
The power of these feathery, gifted creatures,
Has less to do with colour, more with heart.

We feel them, what a wonderful sensation,
Your driving test, exam results, oh my,
Amazing, this kaleidoscope sensation,
The colours of emotion flutter by.

Heed them well, these bringers of Glad Tidings,
And sometime portents of bad news as well,
They are our instincts, and imaginations,
And as such; they do cast quite a spell.

To see one is to smile,
You follow its twinkling path with happy thoughts,
To feel them, thatís the reason we are here,
When you feel the wings of a butterfly,
You see the face of love

Steve Bracken  November 2002