A bird it is free to fly on the wind,
Her mind is untroubled,
Her passions undimmed,
She has reached her potential,
But can hold out for more,
And so, like her parents,
Can glide and can soar.
But the bird did not start life,
Complete and mature,
She worried and fretted,
And felt quite unsure,
Her body felt awkward,
Her wings were too short,
The duckling was ugly,
Well! That’s what she thought.
Then when all was confusing,
Out came the Sun,
Her feathers were white,
And life was such fun,
Horizons were endless,
Courage immense,
She sorts out the past,
And it all makes sense.
She masters the challenge,
Which is no mean trick,
She’s a swan, she is happy,
Hello Crazy Chick