A Day In The Capital

Union Station to the W. Monument - A long walk, but fascinating, past all the great departments of State, and the Smithsonian museums

Union Station - I have no idea whose idea this was - Itís magnificent :) The Colombus Memorial is right out front

The National Mall - Looking past all the museums to the Monument

In between the National Gallery and the Museum of Natural History is this (new) sculpture garden. It came as a complete and lovely surprise. Here are five examples (from about twenty) of the artworks within.

A representation of the protests of the sixties

George Washington

I spent a large part of the day in just one of the Smithsonian museums. I chose this way because I wanted to see one thing properly (Iíll come see the others another time) I chose the Museum of American Life!

If you ever get the opportunity, this place is just wonderful. It has everything from the Flag draped over the Pentagon following the 9/11 attack, to the first car to drive across America.

Also here is the ďStar Spangled BannerĒ. Hearing the story of this flag, and understanding itís deep symbolic significance to a proud and great nation made the whole visit worthwhile :)

I took 4 photos - I should have taken 400!

Interior and exterior re-creations of a Slave cabin

These made me smile everywhere I saw them - An image from movies and tv, brought to life :)

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